Search Called Off For RV-6

The search for an unidentified couple missing on a flight from Edmonton to Chilliwack last week has been called off. The RCAF and CASARA covered 14,000 square miles in the search for the RV-6, which was reportedly based in Chilliwack. The family has asked that the identities of the missing couple be withheld and the military and police are complying but reporters have been able to contact them. 

The RV-6 incident is the fourth loss of light aircraft in the B.C. mountains in a little more than a year. In three of the four incidents, there was no signal detected from the ELTs on the aircraft. In the case of a Cessna 182 that crashed near Hope in July, the signal was heard but bad weather prevented searchers from getting to the crash site for several days. A Mooney that went missing last November near Revelstoke was located by chance on Sept. 10 but a Piper Warrior that was lost between Cranbrook and Kamloops in June of 2017 and now the RV-6 have not been found.