Sky Regional Airlines – Embraer ERJ170 – Bird Strike

C-FUJA, an Embraer ERJ170 aircraft operated by Sky Regional Airlines, was conducting flight SKV7548 from Toronto/Lester B. Pearson Intl, ON (CYYZ) to Atlanta/Hartsfield-Jackson Intl, GA (KATL) with 4 crew members and 69 passengers on board. As the aircraft was descending through 3500 feet ASL during the approach to Runway 27L at KATL, the flight crew heard a bang. Shortly after, the EICAS displayed an APPR 2 NOT AVAILABLE message and thrust started to increase. The autopilot was disconnected, and thrust was reduced manually to the correct setting.

After confirming what the problem was and cross-checking parameters, the flight crew transferred control to the left side (ADS1), re-selected the APPR mode, AP on, and the aircraft proceeded to a stable approach for a landing on Runway 27L without further incident.

During the post-landing inspection, a dent and remains of a bird were found on the right side of the nose, forward of the ADS probes. There were also debris in the ADSP4 probe. After following the manufacturer’s repair procedures, the aircraft was returned to service.