Snowbank Damages 747 Engine

A Boeing 747 cargo plane will need engine and cowling repairs after an outboard engine hit a snowbank at Romeo Leblanc Moncton International Airport earlier this week. Damage will likely approach $2 million in the incident, which the carrier is blaming on the airport. “Snow was not cleared back adequate enough for a 747, apparently,” Kalitta VP Peter Sanderlin told Global News. “We were following the taxi director’s instructions and drug an engine on one of the snowbanks there.” Airport spokeswoman Julie Pondant said officials were aware of the incident.

Sanderlin told Global the aircraft remained at the airport for several days while Kalitta arranged for a three-engine ferry flight back to its maintenance shop, which requires some paperwork and a specially trained flight crew. He said Kalitta will cover the repair costs up front but will be in touch with the airport to negotiate a settlement. The aircraft was in Moncton to pick up a load of lobster for China.