Software Latest Glitch In C295

Software glitches are the latest in the long list of issues keeping the CC-295, the RCAF’s new fixed wing search and rescue aircraft off the job years after it was supposed to enter service. The Ottawa Citizen is reporting the software problems related to systems monitoring in the cockpit and Department of National Defence spokesman Dan Le Bouthillier said Airbus, the plane’s manufacturer, is working on the problems. “There are software deficiencies in this system that have been identified and must be corrected through software updates,” Le Bouthillier told the Citizen. “Software development takes time and follows a rigorous testing and certification process which cannot be circumvented.”
The government has also confirmed there are issues with the centre of gravity and the safety of rescue technicians parachuting from the rear ramp. Le Bouthillier also said certification issues regarding special modifications required by the RCAF have also caused delays. “These certifications require more time and cannot be expedited,” Le Bouthillier added. “Certification and qualification efforts are taking longer than anticipated due to the overall volume and sequencing of work that has to be accomplished by Airbus and Canada, along with impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.”The RCAF will cover search and rescue missions using C-130s and Cormorant helicopters until the C295s are ready.