Some of this Week’s Other Highlights in Brief

  • The Alberta Aviation Museum’s tenure at Blatchford Field’s Hangar 14, where it has been a tenant at the City of Edmonton-owned facility for years, seems more secure since the city took it off the open market this week, where it had been for the last four months. “This decision marks a crucial step in the museum’s future, as we now have a clear path forward, without the uncertainty a third-party owner might bring,” said museum curator Ryan Lee on Friday (May 24). The hangar at the former Edmonton Municipal Airport (CYXD) was put up for sale on the recommendation of city staff, but the city is now in negotiations with the museum.


Four Seasons Private Jet Experience
  • Canadian luxury hotel and hospitality company Four Seasons is organizing several “Private Jet Journeys” to take place in 2026. “The Four Seasons Private Jet Experience continues innovating to deliver unparalleled comfort and personalization that exceeds the expectations of today’s luxury travellers,” said Four Seasons executive V-P Marc Speichert. Five different exclusive tours lasting from two to three weeks, are on offer. Prices for a two-week tour start at U$179,000 – based on double occupancy.

  • As part of an interline agreement with Inuit-owned Canadian North, Air Greenland is launching direct DHC Dash-8 flights between Nuuk, the capital of Greenland, and Iqaluit, Nunavut. From Iqaluit, Canadian North will operate connecting service to and from Ottawa, Kuujjuaq (Quebec) and Montreal using Boeing 737s. The service will operate on Wednesdays from June 26 to October 23, and may be extended if there is demand. Tickets for the Air Greenland portion of the flight will sell for $392.
  • There has been another case of a door departing an aircraft mid-flight. In this latest case, a Cessna 182G was being operated as a jump-plane for Pembroke, Ontario-based Airborne Petawawa. After all three skydivers departed the aircraft, the pilot attempted, but failed, to close the STC’ed ‘jump-door’. Also on board was a flight instructor. Both struggled to close the door. Meanwhile, the airspeed exceeded aircraft limitations and the door blew away, damaging the starboard wing, causing a fuel leak. The aircraft landed safely.