Some of this Week’s Other Highlights in Brief

Kawasaki P-1 photo courtesy of Kawasaki.
  • According to a story published this week in the Ottawa Citizen newspaper, the federal government received reports prior to the decision to sole-source the CP-140 Aurora maritime patrol aircraft replacement to Boeing for the P-8A Poseidon pointing out that, although it would be a lower risk option due to its mature design, it would provide fewer economic benefits to Canada than if the contract were awarded to Bombardier, who was proposing a modified Global 6500 business jet. The government also considered the Kawasaki P-1 quad-jet as an equally mature and lower-risk design. The report mentioned that the Kawasaki proposal “bested” the Boeing in both range and SAR capabilities.
  • Nav Canada has announced the rate structure for 2024. Using complex formulas, the air navigation services provider has lowered the base rates slightly effective January 1, 2024 but at the same time adds a surcharge, referred to as the Rate Stabilization Account (RSA), that seeks to recover what are essentially past losses due to the pandemic. The RSA will continue until the cumulative shortfall has been recovered. Ghe net result is a small rate hike. Click here to see the full Nav Canada announcement including the new fees.
  • A WestJet pilot was found dead under suspicious circumstances in Calgary last Friday (Dec. 15), along with one other person. Christina Thomson, 48, was considered a role model by many. “Not only was Capt. Thomson a first-rate aviator, but she was also known as a driven and strong leader serving as a role model for younger women in aviation,” said Captain Bernard Lewall of the Air Line Pilots Association. Autopsy results are still pending as this is written.