Superior Airways – Cessna P210N – Engine Failure – Fuel Starvation – Forced Landing

C-GLML, a privately registered Cessna P210N aircraft operated by Superior Airways, was conducting a flight from Thunder Bay, ON (CYQT) to Red Lake, ON (CYRL). Prior to departing from CYQT, the fuel gauges indicated approximately 3/4 full for the planned 1 hour and 45 minute flight. While descending through 3500 feet ASL toward CYRL, the engine (Teledyne Continental TSIO-520-P) began to lose power. The engine indications were normal, but the fuel pressure was decreasing. The pilot switched fuel tanks, and turned the auxiliary fuel pump on. The pilot declared a Mayday and informed Kenora radio that it was not possible for the aircraft to reach CYRL, and an attempt would be made to land on a road. The right fuel tank indicated empty, and the pilot switched to the left tank which was indicating more fuel. The pilot changed throttle settings to no effect. When the approach to the road was assured, the pilot lowered the landing gear and selected flaps 10.
The forced landing was conducted successfully on a mine road. During the landing roll, the nose wheel contacted a speed bump, and the nose landing gear collapsed. The pilot and the passenger were uninjured. The aircraft sustained damage to the nose landing gear, propeller, engine, cowling, and right wing leading edge.
An inspection of the aircraft revealed that there was no fuel remaining on board, however the left fuel quantity gauge was still indicating 3/4. Testing of the left fuel tank quantity indication system revealed that, when the fuel quantity sender was moved between empty and full, the indicator moved between 3/4 and full.