Thermal-Imaging Drone Tracks Crook on the Run

Photo credit: North Bay Police Service

By deploying a drone equipped for thermal imaging, North Bay police were able to track an alleged criminal trying to evade police by running through a forest. It was at 5 am that a patrolman recognized an ATV being driven by a man as the same one that had been involved in recent robberies. The officer began a pursuit and the suspect drove the ATV into a forest but quickly became stuck, so the driver continued on foot. It was then that supporting officers deployed the drone.

“The use of drone technology has greatly improved our ability to locate and arrest suspects who attempt to evade arrest by running into wooded areas or into the darkness,” said Inspector Jeff Warner of the North Bay Police Service. “The powerful lighting can illuminate a wide area increasing officer safety by improving visibility as our officers close in on a suspect to make an arrest,” he added.

The suspect has now been charged with two counts of theft, dangerous driving, evading police and possession of a dangerous weapon.