Thrush Aircraft Inc – S2R-H80 – Crop Duster Flipped on Landing

C-GWRJ, a Thrush Aircraft Inc. S2R-H80 aircraft operated by Prairie Dusters, was engaged in agricultural aerial application 6 nm southwest of Russell, MB (CJW5). The pilot was performing east west pattern swath runs, and noticed that the winds and gusts had increased in strength since takeoff from CJW5. The pilot elected to return to CJW5 and wait for more favourable conditions. During the flight back to CJW5, the winds and gusts increased in strength, and were from the west. The pilot considered diverting to Shoal Lake, MB (CKL5) for a more favourable runway, but decided to evaluate the rapidly changing wind conditions while attempting to land at CJW5. The touchdown on Runway 17 was made on one wheel initially, with a crosswind from the right. As the tail settled, the aircraft began to ground loop into the wind. The pilot attempted to control the aircraft with the brakes and added power in an attempt to abort the landing. Then the aircraft swung back to the left. As the aircraft was about to become airborne, the wheels contacted the surface of a slough. The aircraft came to rest inverted in a few feet of water. The pilot was submerged to chest level but was able to release the 5-point harness. With assistance from a pilot who had witnessed the crash, the pilot was able to release the emergency-exit latch and make an underwater egress from the aircraft. The pilot suffered minor injuries and the aircraft sustained substantial damage. The pilot had utilized a 5-point harness and was wearing a helmet.