Two Bidders In Running For RCAF Training

The number of bidders for the RCAF’s new aircrew training program has been narrowed to two with the partnership formed by two of the bidders. Babcock and Leonardo’s Canadian subsidiaries have joined in a united bid. The new partnership will compete against SkyAlyne, which is a partnership of KF Aerospace and CAE, which now independently provide training services in two separate contracts. The next contract will last for 25 years and be worth billions of dollars.
Leonardo is an Italian-based airframer that has built about 2,000 training aircraft while Babcock is a training specialist. The consortium promises an “end to end military training solution that will generate a robust and efficient flow of Canadian military pilots and personnel.” the companies said in a statement. KF Aerospace now provides aircraft and instructors for the RCAF’s aircrew selection flight training program using Grob high performance single-engine aircraft. It also supplies aircraft and logistical support for the multi-engine and helicopter training programs. All those programs are at Southport, Manitoba. CAE supplies aircraft and support for the primary flight training program on Harvard II turboprops and also for fighter pilot training on BAE Hawk jet trainers. Under the existing contracts, the RCAF supplies instructors for the multi, rotary, primary and fighter programs.