Ukraine Fighter Pilots Training in Canada

ITTC (International Tactical Training Centre) has been training a pair of Ukrainian Air Force instructors at their London, Ontario-based training centre since last October. The training is done in collaboration of the Ukraine’s Ivan Kozhedub National Air Force University and is leading to the creation of a syllabus for the training of three classes of Ukrainian air force cadets using ITTC’s fleet of L-39 jets. The cadets have already been partially trained on L-39s in Ukraine but the L-39s used by ITTC have more advanced cockpits.

Training at the ITTC will also include 40 hours of F-16 ground school and simulator training intended to prepare the cadets for actual F-16 training, to be provided by NATO. Language instructors from ITTC have been sent to Ukraine to prepare the cadets for the English-language instruction they will be provided in Canada.

The Ukraine Ministry of Defence has submitted to their Canadian counterparts a request to provide this training to 30 Ukrainian cadets.

The ITTC has been providing tactical and related fighter training for over 20 years. Their fleet includes five Aero L-39Cs Albatroses, three Aero L-29 Delfíns and two Hawker Hunter T.7 aircraft. ITTC also has numerous helicopters and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs).