United Airlines – Boeing 767 Engine Surging Issue

N648UA, a Boeing 767-300 aircraft operated by United Airlines, was conducting flight UAL908
from Amsterdam/Schiphol, Netherlands (EHAM) to Chicago/O’Hare Intl, IL (KORD) with 14 crew members and 205 passengers on board. While in cruise flight at FL320 nearing the coast of
Labrador, the flight crew noted a bang, a yawing of the aircraft and the left engine N1 and N2
indications decreasing. As the aircraft was unable to maintain FL320 with one engine inoperative, it began to descend and the flight crew executed the engine checklist. An emergency was declared and ATC was advised that they were descending. Since the engine surged twice and EGT readings were erratic, a restart was abandoned and the engine was shut down. The flight crew leveled off at FL200 and diverted to Goose Bay, NL (CYYR) where the aircraft landed without further incident.
The operator’s maintenance replaced the left engine