Veteran Honoured By France

A Vancouver Island resident who flew 36 missions over occupied France in the Second World War has been awarded France’s highest honour. Edward Vaughn, 96, of Saanich, was awarded the French Legion of Honour by France’s Consul General for Western Canada. “We will never forget those who fought in battle and combat,” says Philippe Sutter, the Consul General of France for Western Canada. “We’ve come to pay tribute to Mr. Vaughn for being an inspiration. France and the other nations he helped liberate will never forget the dangerous things he accomplished during World War II.”

On one mission, a bomb fell through the wing of the aircraft he was flying. The crew was able to put the resulting fire out and he nursed the aircraft back to England on three engines. The French Legion of Honour recognizes those who served France through acts of valour and outstanding achievements. It’s the equivalent of being named an officer of the Order of Canada.