Warbird Conference Planned

The newly-formed Canadian Warbird Operator Conference (CWOC), a not-for-profit organization based in Ontario, aims to fill a void in Canada by organizing a conference in Ottawa from October 18 to 20 that brings together Canadian operators of ex-military and other historical aircraft and representatives from Transport Canada – Civil Aviation, Nav Canada and other industry partners.

Co-sponsored by COPA, the conference will explore a number of topics including:

  • TC Exemption NCR-021-2016 (the ‘Warbird Exemption’)
  • Maintenance and the Special Certificate of Airworthiness
  • Nav Canada fees at airshows
  • The future of FAST in Canada
  • Warbird and airshow insurance in Canada
  • Recurrent training

Other topics may be added.  For more details of this conference organized by Canadians for Canadians, check out canwoc.wordpress.com.