WestJet Encore – DHC-8-400 – Hydraulic Leak – Smoke

C-FENY, a WestJet Encore Bombardier DHC-8-400 aircraft (WEN3480) was on route from Lester B. Pearson Intl – Toronto (CYYZ) to MacDonald-Cartier Intl – Ottawa (CYOW). As the aircraft climbed through 10000 feet ASL the crew received a #2 HYD ISO VLV message, followed by a zero fluid quantity indication. The QRH procedures were actioned and after contacting company maintenance and dispatch the flight continued to CYOW. On approach to CYOW the crew declared an emergency and landed uneventfully with ARFF standing by.
After the aircraft parked at the gate, smoke was noticed in the vicinity of the #2 engine and the captain ordered a rapid deplanement as a precaution. Maintenance found a hydraulic leak from the #2 HYD EDP.
The pump was replaced and the aircraft was returned to service after the system was checked for leaks and contamination.