Wipaire Approvals

Wipaire, Inc. has received new approvals for Supplemental Type Certificates for the Cessna 206 in Sri Lanka.  SA01185CH has been approved for Wipline 3450 floats.  The Wipline 3450 is available in both amphibious and seaplane versions, and is in use around the world.  Amphibious float safety is enhanced by the Lake & Air gear advisory system, which reminds the pilot of gear position.  The gear advisory is standard with all Wipline amphibious floats.  Approval has also been received for SA1470GL for the installation of a co-pilot door.  This modification adds an immense amount of safety and convenience for Cessna 206 operators by adding a third way of entering or exiting the aircraft.  The door is manufactured from composite material and utilizes Cessna-manufactured hinges and latches to maintain a “factory” appearance.

Wipaire received Sri Lankan approval in February for Wipline 8750 floats for the Cessna Caravan, as well as single-point fueling for the Cessna 208 Caravan, Cessna 208B Grand Caravan, and Quest KODIAK.