TSB Report On Drone Collision

The Transportation Safety Board has uncharacteristically failed to make any recommendations resulting from the collision between a chartered King Air and small drone in Quebec City last October. The TSB looked into the mishap but called it a “limited-scope investigation” and said limiting future incidents will essentially rely on drone pilots knowing and obeying the rules. Although the report says there is no requirement for those who sell drones to educate buyers on the rules the board also doesn’t recommend that be mandatory.

The pilot of the Sky Jet aircraft spotted the drone, “about the size of a dinner plate” in front of the left wing too late to avoid a collision. The King Air was about 2,100 feet AGL on a seven-mile visual final when it hit the drone.  At the very least, the drone was at least 1,500 feet too high according to existing rules. The little drone disintegrated and caused a tiny dent on the deicing boot and some scratches on top of the wing. The aircraft was inspected and returned to service the same day.