Operators Cope With Avgas Issues

Piston aircraft operators appear to be coping with a widespread disruption of their fuel supply as the oil company continues to work on a solution. Last week Imperial Oil quarantined all 100LL produced at its Edmonton refinery from Dec. 28 to Feb. 13 after tests showed it might interfere with the function of electronic fuel gauge sensors. Since then Imperial staff have tested fuel at many of the FBOs and airports that got fuel between those dates. Spokesman Jon Harding said some of the fuel has tested out of spec while other supplies have been cleared. Canadian Aviator has heard from operators whose home airports can’t supply fuel that are buying gas at nearby airports and disruption is minimal.

Harding also reassured operators whose aircraft have used the fuel that there is little chance that it caused any damage. The same goes for owners of storage tanks and delivery equipment. He said the company is “making progress” in testing all the suspect fuel and will have more information in coming weeks. He also echoed Transport Canada’s recommendation in a new NOTAM that pilots make sure fuel is available on their planned routes