99s Meet in Ottawa

99slogoCanada is hosting this year’s international conference of the 99s and representatives of the female pilots organization will be heading to Ottawa in early July.

The Canadian wing of the historic group, which was founded by 99 pilots who named Amelia Earhart as their first president, will take place at the Delta Downtown hotel in Ottawa from July 5-10.

“We have secured the deputy mayor of Ottawa, Mark Taylor, to speak at the welcome reception; Chris Kitzan, director general of the Canada Aviation and Space Museum, at the Ninety-Nines awards dinner, and Captain (Ret.) Judy Cameron, at the Amelia Earhart Memorial Scholarship Fund awards dinner” said Joy Parker Blackwood, conference director.

The 99s are particularly active in Canada and have chapters across the country. This is the fifth time the international conference has been hosted by Canada.

Anyone who wants to attend the conference can go to www.99sottawa2016.com for more information.