Air Canada Recalls 2,600 Workers

Air Canada is recalling 2,600 employees as it responds to a surge in air travel demand buoyed by the increasing level of vaccination against COVID-19 by Canadians. The company also received $5.9 billion in loans and investment from the federal government to help it recover from the most drastic business interruption in the industry’s history. The recall includes gate workers and flight attendants and is part of the overall plan to get the airline out of mothballs for the post-pandemic era. 

The company is also reporting that relatively few of the thousands of customers whose flights were cancelled by the pandemic are asking for refunds. The airline offered travel credits for the thousands of affected passengers but as part of the deal for the bailout, the company had to offer full cash refunds. Only about 40 percent have asked for the money so Air Canada has extended the deadline for applying to July 12.