Canadian eVTOL Developer Horizon Acquired

Horizon Aircraft, a Canadian eVTOL developer, has been acquired by Dallas-based Astro Aerospace. Horizon created the Cavorite X5, a hybrid electric aircraft that the company claims will cruise at 300 knots with a range of 325 nautical miles. The aircraft features a patented in-wing fan that allows both modes of flight. The first aircraft has a fuel-powered engine running a generator to charge the batteries powering the electric motors. When battery technology allows, the aircraft can be configured without the supplemental engine. Astro is a long-time player in the eVTOL market.

Horizon was co-founded by father and son team Brian and Brandon Robertson. Both are engineers and Brandon is a former Top Gun F-18 graduate. “My father and I have long admired the unprecedented advances Astro has achieved in the aerospace sector. Astro is a pioneer in the industry, and its work has remained incredibly relevant amongst the rise of eVTOL popularity. Horizon could not be happier to join forces with such an influential company who will contribute its high-calibre expertise to bring our design to market.”