Air Transat Boeing 737-800 – Flap Failure

C-GTQJ, a Boeing 737-800 aircraft operated by Air Transat, was conducting flight TSC679 from Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood Intl, FL (KFLL) to Halifax/Stanfield Intl, NS (CYHZ). While on approach to CYHZ with the flaps set to the Flaps 5 position, the flight crew selected Flaps 10 and received an indication that the flaps did not move. The flight crew carried out the applicable checklist and followed the alternate flap extension procedure to lower the flaps to the Flap 15 position. A PAN PAN was declared and ARFF responded. The flight landed at CYHZ without further incident. Maintenance personnel determined that the left-hand proximity sensor was operating intermittently. The sensor’s connector was cleaned and the flap system was tested with no faults found. The airplane was returned to service.