Cessna C550 Citation Bravo – Parking Area Collision

N4AT, a privately registered Cessna C550 Citation Bravo aircraft, was conducting a flight from Winnipeg/James Armstrong Richardson Intl, MB (CYWG) to Bedford/Laurence G Hanscom Field, MA (KBED). After starting the engines on Apron II at CYWG while under the guidance of a ground marshaller, N4AT began to taxi for the departure. During the initial turn from the parking area, aircraft control was lost and N4AT’s right wing collided with the nose gear of C-FXWT, a Bombardier CL-600-2B16 (Challenger 605) aircraft, which was parked. The pilot of N4AT subsequently shutdown the aircraft and exited with the passenger without injuries. The right wing of N4AT was substantially damaged, causing a fuel leak on the apron. The left wing of C-FXWT was also damaged in the collision by the nose of N4AT. Local 911 was advised of the collision and fuel leak. ARFF was dispatched to the site, and the fuel leak was contained.