Airshows Are Back

It would appear a full schedule of “normal” airshows will go ahead in Canada this summer with all the usual Canadian and international performers. According to the International Council of Airshows (ICAS), there are at least 14 shows planned in Canada. There may be a few more than that as announcements are still being made.

Among the latest major shows to confirm a full-on airshow experience is Abbotsford, which did a virtual event in 2020 and drive-in event in 2021. The London Airshow, which pioneered the drive-in concept in 2021 is back with a conventional show as is the CNE show in Toronto, and the big events in Gatineau and in Atlantic Canada. All the major acts, including the popular military teams from Canada and the U.S. have full schedules, although the Snowbirds announced a delay in the start to their season because of COVID challenges and miserable winter weather at their training base in Moose Jaw.