Family Raising Charity Funds On Epic Flight

A Vancouver family of five is embarking on the ultimate family vacation by flying their Gippsland GA8 Airvan around the world and then some. Ian Porter, his wife Michelle and their kids Christopher, 14, Samantha, 21 and Sydney, 17 will launch from Vancouver in June on the epic trip that will take them to 50 countries before they get back to their home in August of 2023. Along with collecting memories, the family hopes to raise $1 million for SOS Children’s Villages, an international charity dedicated to finding loving homes for orphaned and abandoned children.

The Porters will spend the first half of the adventure in the Caribbean and South America before heading to Europe and Asia, although the planned Russian legs have been scrapped and a new route is being designed. Ian Porter is the “chief pilot” but both of his daughters are pilots and will help with flying duties. The entire trip will be flown VFR and the eight-seat aircraft has plenty of room for the five of them and their gear. It will be a leisurely trip at a cruising speed of about 125 knots.