AirVenture 2023 By the Numbers

View of the Boeing Plaza during AirVenture 2017 showcasing the B-52, A-10, B-29, B-25, B-1, P-8, KC-135, and many more. Photo credit: JJN1991 via Wikipedia.

Although we weren’t able to cover AirVenture in person this year, we were certainly glued to our computer screens for the daily rundown of events, as we’re sure many of our readers were too.

“Oshkosh was again the place that brought the aviation world together,” said EAA CEO Jack Pelton after the show ended. “It was also a challenging year at times with weather, logistics, and other factors, which makes me even more proud of the efforts by our volunteers and staff to organize an outstanding event.”

Let’s take a look at some of the show’s highlights, in this case, a few statistics:

  • A record 677,000 people attended this year’s AirVenture, up from last year’s record of 650,000.
  • Over 10,000 aircraft flew into Wittman Field (KOSH) and nearby airports.
  • KOSH saw an average of 148 takeoffs and landings each hour the airport was open (21,883 aircraft operations in total).
  • Around 40,000 visitors occupied around 13,000 aircraft and drive-in camping sites.
  • Over 250,000 hours of time was volunteered by more than 5,500 dedicated people.
  • There were a record 848 commercial exhibitors.
  • 3,365 planes were displayed, including 1,497 in the vintage area, 1,067 homebuilts, 380 warbirds, 194 ultralights, 134 seaplanes and amphibs, 52 aerobatic airplanes and 41 rotor-wing aircraft.
  • 2,372 visitors registered at the international tent representing 93 countries. The EAA says many do not bother registering, so expect the actual number to be much higher.

Sadly, four people connected to AirVenture tragically lost their lives in two separate aircraft accidents within hours of each other involving three aircraft.