ALPA Reaches Agreement for Bearskin and Perimeter Pilots

Another deal has been reached with pilots flying for Canadian airlines. The Air Line Pilots Association International has been negotiating with Perimeter Airlines and Bearskin Airlines of Winnipeg for more than three years. Both airlines are owned by Exchange Income Corporation (EIC).

The contract, which still requires ratification by the union members, has a duration of five years and includes provisions for increased compensation, job security and improved working conditions.

“For more than three years, Perimeter and Bearskin pilots have demonstrated their unity and commitment to attaining a collective agreement that reflects the contributions we bring to the success of our airline and the communities we serve,” said the chairman of ALPA’s Perimeter pilot group Captain Riley Box.

Added the chairman of Bearskin’s pilot group Captain Robert Maxwell, “Perimeter and Bearskin pilots have been determined to bring our wages in line with our industry peers and enhance our work rules significantly. This tentative agreement does just that and is a fair and equitable contract that works for pilots and assists our company with pilot retention.”

ALPA currently represents the pilots of six airlines owned by EIC, which is 10 percent of ALPA’s Canadian membership. Founded in 1931, ALPA is currently the world’s largest airline pilot union and represents more than 67,000 pilots in the United States and Canada.