Jet-Fueled Piston Engine Certified

DeltaHawk has received Type Certification for its 180-hp piston engine that will run on either jet fuel or SAF (sustainable aviation fuel). The DHK180 was developed the Racine, Wisconsin company and they say more engines of this type are on the way.

The design features an inverted-V engine block with turbo- and supercharging, mechanical fuel injection and liquid cooling. It has 40 percent fewer moving parts than similar engines in its category. DeltaHawk claims the engine produces more usable torque than conventional engines in its class while consuming less fuel, resulting in a lower carbon footprint. The engine is smaller than similar powerplants.

“We began by completely reimagining what a general aviation engine should be,” Christopher Ruud, DeltaHawk’s CEO said. “And the result is that we now have a certified engine that is a game-changer.”

Airframe manufacturers and kit builders across the globe have shown interest in the engine. NASA has also selected the engine for use in the development of their Subsonic Single Aft Engine Aircraft scale flight test vehicle.

“It’s been a long time coming but, in engineering, simple is hard,” said Ruud. As production ramps up, first deliveries are expected in 2024. Production slot reservations are being taken online at