Are ex-Canadian Military Personnel Training the Chinese?

Photo: TFASA

Reports out of Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom suggest that former air force pilots of these countries are working for a South African firm that trains Chinese pilots. The company was identified as the Test Flying Academy of South Africa (TFASA). In a statement recently released to The Globe and Mail, would identify its client only as being in the Asian-Pacific region. It further said that “Most of the Canadian guys would be former RCAF but some of them may be people who trained privately or are civilian-trained pilots.” The company uses ‘third-generation fighters’, meaning of 1960s and 1970s vintage.

The Department of National Defence in Canada said last month it would investigate the allegations and last Thursday Brigadier-General Denis Boucher, who is Director General of Defence Security, told the House of Commons Standing Committee on National Defence that he is aware of the allegations and is very concerned about them. “…these are post-employment activities. They don’t fall under the jurisdiction of the Canadian Armed Forces.” He then said the matter has been referred to the Department of Justice, saying that that former RCAF members are still bound by provisions of the Security of Information Act.