Auroras Buzzed By Chinese Fighters

The Canadian government will protest to China after a couple of fighters buzzed an RCAF CP-140 long range patrol aircraft off the coast of North Korea. The Aurora is part of Canada’s NATO commitment to monitor for ships trying to evade sanctions imposed on North Korea for its various provocations in the region. According to federal officials, the fighters have repeatedly flown close to the Aurora and have caused the Canadian crews to take evasive action.

“In these interactions, PLAAF aircraft did not adhere to international air safety norms,” an RCAF statement said. “These interactions are unprofessional and/or put the safety of our RCAF personnel at risk.” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said his government is concerned for the safety of the Aurora crews “So we will be bringing it up directly with Chinese officials and counterparts and ensuring that this doesn’t continue to be part of an escalatory pattern.”