De Havilland Strike Settled

The union representing employees at De Havilland Canada’s has ratified a severance and early retirement package to end a three-month strike at the company’s Downsview Q400 plant in Toronto. The lease is up next year at the plant and De Havilland has stopped production there in advance of possibly moving out of the Toronto area. Interfor Local 112 struck to try to keep the plant in the Toronto area but it’s likely De Havilland will move it to Calgary if production resumes. The deal to end the strike includes enhanced severance and retirement incentives that are more generous than required by the Employment Standards Act.

“Looking after our members affected by the end of Dash 8 production was our highest priority and I believe we did just that,” said John Turner, Unifor Local 112 President. “We know severance doesn’t replace a good-paying job or help pass on highly valuable skills from one generation to the next. That’s why our union will continue advocating for protecting our advanced manufacturing jobs.” As part of the deal, about 50 office jobs will be preserved at a new office to be located within 80 kilometres of Downsview.