B.C. Pilots Train For Relief Exercise

B.C. pilots will be taking part in an emergency response exercise in Washington State on June 18. The 20 or so pilots will be lending their expertise earned in a volunteer effort to carry supplies and evacuate people stranded by flooding that resulted from a major storm last November. Since then, many of those who took part in the relief effort have created an organization called BC AERO to add an administrative structure to future volunteer efforts.

BC AERO held a training session on April 23 to go over the myriad of details that go into using personal aircraft for disaster relief, from weight and balance to navigation and airspace. The Washington State exercise adds cross-border issues to the mix. On June 18, Washington and California emergency officials will be simulating a Tsunami disaster response using small aircraft and Canadian pilots will be distributing 30,000 pounds of food in the simulation. “In addition to personal documentation such as passports, pilot’s license, current C of A, proof of insurance and a current customs decal,” BC AERO said in a news release.  “CANPAS and eAPIS filings will be needed and even a COVID vaccination proof, pilots will be required to wear photo identification badges that clearly identify them as members of BC AERO.