Ben Skippen

Flight Date:07/20/2016
Flight School: Discovery Aviation Academy
Flight Instructor: Josh Staskus
Comment:An exciting day for me,

On the way to the airport I was listening to some 50’s rock n’ roll tunes in order to get into a comfortable mental state before I went solo. I went up for many circuit practices with my great instructor, Joshua. After an hour of doing these circuits he decided that we should land so that he could hope out and sent me solo. On my final landing with my instructor he proclaimed “if the runway was toast, we would be butter”, meaning that I had a smooth landing and he was confident in my abilities.

Then I’m all alone. I taxi in my Cessna 172 and take position on the runway. Things are feeling intense as the engine purrs up to full power during the ground roll. I yell out “airspeed alive!” and I ease back on the stick after hitting rotation speed. I’m zooming up to circuit altitude and flying the pattern, now all that is left is to land. As I am on final I can see out of the corner of my eye the other pilot candidates watching me from the hangar, this means that the pressure is on. I complete a seamless final approach and a smooth flare while I gently float back to the pavement. Taxiing back to the hangar I have the widest grin and my friends are cheering my name when I exit the plane.

My flight training is being conducted with a scholarship program through the Royal Canadian Air Cadets, instruction given by Discovery Aviation Academy in Sudbury. Many thanks to my instructor Mr. Staskus.