Vlad Cojocarasu

Flight Date:07/21/2016
Flight School:
Flight Instructor:
Comment:My first solo flight was done on July 21th 2016 at approximately 0841 at London Ontario (CYXU) in a Diamond DA-20! It was a clear morning with a ceiling at 3000 feet. My instructor and I had planned to continue working on circuits and working on my approaches. After my second touch and go, my instructor had told me to call in for a full stop. After our debrief at the hanger he instructed me to stay in the plane. I did as he said; he turned my plane around and told me that I would be going solo and to have a safe flight. After takeoff as I approached the downwind leg it finally came to me that this was all me, and I was in charge of the plane. I landed my plane and taxied back to the hangar; throughout this whole time I was thinking of my first time in a plane and remembered how I set a goal for myself, that I was going to become a Pilot.