Body Found In Crash Search

Searchers appear to have found the body of a young pilot who went missing on a training flight near Sherbrooke, Quebec. Hind Barch was on a night solo flight from Mirabel to Sherbrooke  and back to practice night landings when she disappeared late Wednesday or early Thursday. A body was found in the Miller Lake area a day after cell phone signals were detected. Barch had her private licence and was planning to pursue a career as a pilot.

By Friday, more than 100 volunteers were on the ground walking in groups from a road into bush and back. They were in addition to about 50 Canadian Forces, police and volunteer aerial searchers who were scouring the area. Barch was flying a Cargair Cessna 172 when she went missing and Cargair President Josée Prud’homme said it’s no surprise that volunteers are coming forward to help out.  “It’s a big family,” Prud’homme told the CBC on Friday before the body was found. “When there’s an incident like that, we’re all concerned about it because we all have the passion of aviation, so it’s always hard and it’s very emotional to see this morning.”