Powerline Saves Paraglider Pilot

It’s not often hitting powerlines is a lucky break but a powered paraglider pilot in Manitoba may owe his life to that chance encounter. RCMP reported via Facebook that about 8:15 p.m. on Thursday a 19-year-old parasailor was flying near Morden when the aircraft entered a spin. Before slamming the pilot into the ground the chute got tangled in a powerline and left him hanging a few feet from the ground unscathed.

‘The male was able to walk away without any injuries and his parachute was removed from the hydro lines with the assistance of Manitoba Hydro,” the RCMP said. “Transport Canada was advised and will continue to investigate with the assistance of the Pembina Valley RCMP.” The aircraft was a foot-launched design in which the fan and 100 cc engine was strapped to the pilot’s back.