Buy An Arctic Tour Kilometre

The Canadian Arctic Aviation Tour has begun a crowdfunding campaign to help pay for an ambitious air show tour of dozens of northern communities this summer.

Supporters are invited to “buy a kilometre” of the 31,000 km tour that will take top air show acts to far flung communities that dot the Arctic.

“For only $25 CDN, you can purchase one of the tour’s 31,000 kilometres to have it dedicated in your name and receive an official CAAT 2017 certificate,” the organization said in a news release. “The best part is that 100 percent of your donation will go towards achieving all the goals of this historic event!”

In addition to providing aerial entertainment never seen in some of the tiny communities, the tour promises to inspire and educate northern residents.

“The CAAT Team is delivering an innovative education platform with community and thought leaders across Canada’s North that will complement the air show tour,” the group said. “We plan to educate Canada about the diversity within indigenous cultures while inspiring and empowering the thousands of young people who often live in isolated communities to build opportunities and live their dreams.”

The group is hoping to raise $1 million to help bring air shows to 97 communities north of the 60th parallel over the summer and fill a gap in the lavish cross country celebrations promised in southern Canada.

Contributions are rolling in and can be made here.