Cargojet 767 Swerves To Miss Glider

The crew of a Cargojet Boeing 767-300 reportedly came close enough to a glider while on final for Hamilton International that the crew could see the pilot of the glider as they swerved around it. The aircraft was on a scheduled flight from Vancouver and encountered the glider on the ILS glideslope for Runway 12 just after noon on Aug. 12. The aircraft were at about 3,200 feet when the incident occurred.

The TSB reported there were no transponder signals from the glider to identify it on radar or to trigger the TCAS on the big cargo plane. Fortunately, the Cargojet crew was able to spot the glider and dodge around it without messing up their own approach. After the deviation, they got back on the glideslope and landed normally, about 17 minutes early.