Top Aces F-16s Ready To Tangle With USAF F-35s, F-22s

The U.S. Air Force has granted Canadian-based Top Aces’ new F-16s “Military Flight Release” meaning the company can now use the sophisticated aircraft in mock combat flights with American F-35 and F-22 fighters. Other adversarial aircraft were hardly any competition for the sophisticated fifth generation fighters but Top Aces says its new F-16s with proprietary Advanced Aggressor Mission System can give the superjets a tussle. 

“To provide effective training to pilots flying fifth-generation fighters – such as the F-22 or F-35 – we must match the capabilities of near-peer adversary fighter aircraft,” said Russ Quinn, president of Top Aces and a 26-year USAF veteran and former aggressor pilot. “By combining the power and avionics of the F-16 with AAMS, we can replicate contemporary adversary threats with accuracy and cost-efficiency.” Top Aces bought F-16s retired by the Israeli Air Force when it acquired F-35s. The aircraft were updated with the aggressor software.