Drone Videographer Criticizes Critics

A quadcopter drone shot this 737 on approach to YVR.
A quadcopter drone shot this 737 on approach to YVR.

The owner of the YouTube channel that features a controversial video of an airliner on approach to Vancouver International Airport has criticized public and media response to his video, saying there was never any danger to anyone.

Quadrotor Dragonfly said in a message on his channel that the video was shot from more than a kilometre away from the approach at a height of 120 metres and an editing technique called software zoom created the impression that it was closer.

The hobby aircraft was nowhere near the airplane filmed, contrary to media reports,” the person behind the YouTube name wrote. “In hindsight, admittedly, it was a mistake to take such a video and post on YouTube.”

Transport Canada and the RCMP are still looking for the anonymous videographer but there’s no indication he or she intends to cooperate with their investigation.

He criticized the “sensational account” published by some in the media and also criticized the Model Aeronautics Association of Canada for politicizing the video rather than working to “promote the hobby and the democratization of the technology.”