Exemption Eases Medical Backlog

Transport Canada Civil Aviation will soon be allowing pilots to take their written exams without the Transport Canada confirmation of their medical. If they don’t get the medical within three months after their visit to the civil air medical examiner (CAME) they can do the written. The measure takes effect on Aug. 1 and is in effect for a year. There’s a huge backlog of medicals and many have been waiting a year or more for the official sign-off.

“This exemption applies to holders of pilot permits and licences, who are experiencing delays well beyond the expected service delivery standard of 3 months before receiving confirmation of their medical certification in the appropriate category, and who hold at least a Category 3 or 4 medical certification, who are presenting themselves as candidates in readiness for the taking of written examinations for the issuance of permits, licences and ratings,” the new exemption says. The full text can be obtained here.