Floatplane Flips

Aug. 23/14-A privately operated Cessna 180H (C-FVUW) was on a VFR flight from Shoal Lake, MB (CKL5) to Twin Island Air Park, AB (CEE6).The aircraft was equipped with a Robertson STOL kit and Aqua 3190 straight floats. While en route, FVUW landed on Patatchaw Lake, AB for a scheduled refueling. Three attempts were made to depart under no-wind/glassy water conditions. On the third attempt, the right float touched back down onto the water followed by the right wing tip. FVUW flipped onto its back and came to rest upside down approximately 100 metres from the shore. The pilot was able to evacuate and assisted the passenger to evacuate the cockpit. They climbed onto the floats and were not injured. The aircraft was substantially damaged. They were rescued by first responders.