Fokker On a Farm

The wings were detached from the fuselage before being transported and reattached. Photo credit: Jesse Millington.

Alberta aviation enthusiast Jesse Millington is creating a visual attraction on his property in Vulcan County, some 50 kilometres northeast of High River, having recently relocated a Fokker F28 ‘Fellowship’ to his back yard. It is still in a former operator’s livery, Canadian Regional Airlines. The aircraft’s interior is so complete, there are even copies of the 2001 edition of Air Canada’s En Route magazine in the seat-back pockets of the aircraft that was retired that year (Air Canada acquired Canadian Regional Airlines in late 1999).

“I just wanted to have something for myself that I could contribute to aviation,” Millington told the CBC in an interview. “When people come out here, if they want, they can go inside the airplane, they can see, they can experience it on a totally different level.”

Millington is a member of the Time Air Historical Society, formed in 2018 to preserve southern Alberta’s aviation heritage. (Time Air, a regional airline based in its day at Lethbridge airport, was acquired by Canadian Airlines.)

Although the F28 is not part of that society’s collection as he acquired the aircraft personally, he found it through his work with them. The society had already acquired an F28, in addition to a Short 330, a Convair CV-580 and a de Havilland Canada DHC-6 Twin Otter, all aircraft that have flown for Time Air.