In-Cockpit Weather Service Available

Operators at High River Regional Airport can tune into free in-cockpit weather and some traffic services thanks to the installation of Canadian In-Flight Information Broadcasting (CIFIB) transmitter. Any aircraft with an ADS-B-In receiver that can use UAT on 978 MHz will be able to get the information. “The onboard ADS-B receiver will display other ADS-B/1090S traffic, along with NemoScout units (popular with flight schools) – 1030 Mode C not available for tracking at this time,” the airport said in a news release.

CIFIB is a non-profit corporation whose mission is to provide the in-cockpit data to improve flight safety. The company supplies and manages the ground stations and is hoping to spread them across the country. The High River installation is the first outside of Ontario. “We encourage all general aviation airports in Alberta to help identify and setup a network of sites that will provide coverage to as much of the Alberta airspace as possible,” the High River group said.