Dirigible Company Lands In Quebec

Figure 1 – Artist’s impression of LCA60T in a timber loading operation (CNW Group/Flying Whales)

A French dirigible company is tethering its North American business in Montreal with an investment from the Quebec government. Flying Whales is aiming to sell its LCA60T lighter than air cargo aircraft for moving big loads in isolated locations. The overall company is 25 percent owned by Investissement Quebec and the Montreal subsidiary is 49.9 percent in the Quebec government’s portfolio. Flying Whales says it’s going to build a dirigible factory and hire 200 people to build them.

“We harbour lofty ambitions for the development of FLYING WHALES on this side of the Atlantic.” said Flying Whales Quebec Director General Arnaud Thioulouse. The aircraft is 200 metres long and will carry 60 tons using helium stored in 10 cells. It’s a rigid airship and is powered by a four megawatt hybrid electric system. No timeline for construction was included in the announcement.