Lancaster On the Move

A long-time gate guard in Edmunston, NB started its journey to a cozy hangar at CFB Trenton on Wednesday. According to an RCAF news release, crews started dismantling Lancaster KB882 to get it ready for transport to the National Air Force Museum of Canada at the base. “The National Air Force Museum of Canada is honoured to have been selected as the final resting place for this historic aircraft, said Chris Colton, executive director of the National Air Force Museum of Canada.

The city of Edmunston bought the aircraft from the RCAF in 1964 and put it on display. It’s been outside ever since and the city no longer has the ability to restore it to respectful condition. The aircraft was built by Victory Aircraft and used in several combat missions in Europe before returning to Canada in 1945. It was converted to a reconnaissance aircraft in 1952  and was used to map the Arctic and to gather electronic and photographic intelligence during the Cold War. “Lancaster KB882 tangibly represents the RCAF’s transition from war to peacetime activities,” said LGen Mike Hood, commander of the RCAF. “As the RCAF looks towards its 100th anniversary in 2024, Lancaster KB882 will serve as a valuable anchor for our commemorative activities, and a beacon for the preservation of RCAF and Canadian history and heritage.”