Lancaster Restoration Resumes

After a disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, work has resumed on the restoration of an RCAF Lancaster at the National Air Force Museum in Trenton. According to a CBC report, volunteers are committed to having the project finished by April 1, 2024, the 100th anniversary of the formation of the RCAF. The museum closed for five months because of the pandemic and when the volunteers were allowed to return last fall, some changes were needed to the work schedule. “Especially working around in a restoration workshop, there’s some pretty tight spaces that people have to work in, so we had to factor all of that in as well,” said museum director Kevin Windsor.

The aircraft was on static display outside in Edmunston, New Brunswick for more than 50 years after it was retired from active service as an airborne surveillance platform. The aircraft was getting weathered and Edmunston didn’t have the money to restore it so a deal was struck with the museum to move it there in 2017. The aircraft has been stripped and parts individually cleaned and reassembled. The engines have also been removed, refurbished and installed again. The aircraft will not be restored to flying condition but the goal is to have it look as if it just rolled off the factory floor.