MP Seeks Intervention On Nav Canada Tower Study

An Ontario MP says he’s found a way for the federal government to intervene in Nav Canada’s apparent intention to cut air traffic control services at seven airports. Windsor MP Brian Masse had asked Transport Minister Marc Garneau to have the Windsor Airport dropped from the study but Garneau said the feds lacked authority to demand that. Masse said a couple of amendments to existing legislation would allow that intervention. “If the government today is seriously interested in preserving the current situation at the airport but for COVID, we can quickly bring into effect laws to allow the minister to have that capability,” said Masse. Presumably the revisions would work for the other affected airports, all of which are lobbying furiously to preserve their existing ATC services.

The corporation announced in November that it was doing the study to “streamline its operations in a way that will help preserve the sustainability of Canada’s air navigation system.” Nav Canada has been hard hit financially by the effects pandemic-related travel restrictions and has already laid off thousands of employees. Masse said he’ll have the amendments drafted in the next few weeks and is rallying support among MPs to encourage speedy passage.