Operation Inspiration Launches In Maritimes

The Snowbirds will begin their cross-country salute to the Canadian spirit with a morning loop across the Bay of Fundy from CFB Greenwood, Nova Scotia to Saint John and Fredericton, New Brunswick at 10:40 and 11 a.m. respectively. The second leg of their Project Inspiration tour will see them spend the afternoon on a route through areas hard hit by the worst mass shooting in Canadian history in Nova Scotia. They’ll launch from Greenwood about 2:30 p.m. and be over Portapique about 15 minutes later before heading south on the route taken by the killer who claimed 21 lives before he was killed by police. They’ll be over Halifax about 3 p.m. before heading west back to Greenwood, staying over the most populated areas to give as many people as possible a good view.

Project Inspiration was conceived as a way to lift spirits of those struggling with the consequences of the coronavirus outbreak and other difficulties and to pay tribute to all those working to combat those issues. The itinerary for each day’s flights will be released the day before they occur. It’s expected the Snowbirds will head east to Newfoundland and Labrador early in the week before turning west for a coast-to-coast barnstorming of the country. The squadron asks that people watch for their appearance without traveling to a better vantage point and to maintain social distancing.