Piper PA-31-350 – Forced Landing on Calgary Highway (Update)

The following is a TSB report on a story we covered earlier.

C-FCWW, a Piper PA-31-350 aircraft operated by Super T Aviation Academy, was conducting a flight from Medicine Hat, AB (CYXH) to Calgary Intl, AB (CYYC) with 2 pilots and 4 passengers on board. After being cleared for the visual approach to Runway 35L at CYYC, the flight crew observed that the right fuel boost pump light had illuminated. The pilot requested a runway change to 35R and, a few minutes later, both engines (Avco Lycoming (L)TIO-540-J2BD) lost enough power that the pilot was unable to make the runway. A forced landing was conducted onto 36th Street NE, 2.8 nautical miles South of the threshold of Runway 35R. Shortly after touchdown just South of 16th Ave NE (Trans-Canada Highway), the outer right wing struck a pole and severed about 4 feet of wing. The left propeller struck some concrete structures, curling the outer portion of the three propeller blades. When the aircraft came to a complete stop, the first officer assisted the passengers in evacuating the aircraft. There were no injuries to the occupants or persons on the
The ELT did not activate.